Dear Esteemed Doctors, Scholars, and Colleagues,


  Under the leadership of Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai, the affiliated China Medical University Hospital has come a long way since its humble beginnings, adhering to the core value of "treat patients with respect." This year marks its 42nd anniversary. Enter a new phase, our goal and challenge are to build a medical center that combines precise and digital medical systems with cutting-edge biomedical technology. To date, there are many branch hospitals in Taipei, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Yunlin, Tainan, etc. as well as several supporting institutions and clinics which provide continuous high-quality medical services to people.

  Since 2020, the global pandemic has continued its rampage, pulling people apart, and disrupting lives. Nonetheless, the academic exchange must continue in a post-pandemic era. The purpose of this conference is to commemorate the founding day of the hospital, to increase academic discussion in the chiropractic profession, and to conduct a series of summit lectures and seminars.

  Our spine center is modeled after the Mayo Clinic in the United States. It combines cross-disciplinary spine expertise, specifically neurosurgery and orthopedics, to create a comprehensive spine medical center, providing whole-person care and precise chiropractic services annually to more than 3,000 domestic and foreign spine patients. Since 2021, our hospital was approved to perform autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell therapy and has become a leading hospital for spinal cord injury. In addition, we continue to devote ourselves to cutting-edge research including automated spinal navigation surgery, artificial intelligence-assisted medical systems, and exosome-based therapy. It is hoped to integrate the development of multi-dimensional advanced treatment technologies to further strive for excellence.

  It is with a deep appreciation for your ardent support to your station during the pandemic. Although it is not ended, it is with sincerity that we invite you to participate, whether it be in attendance or virtually, in the international Neurospine Summit for the 42nd Anniversary of the China Medical University Hospital as hosted by the hospital’s spine center. A number of globally renowned scholars and experts will be presenting keynote addresses, and sharing clinical experience and research results covering spinal trauma, spinal cord injury, and spinal tumors in the seminar. We invite you to submit your research to us and join us for this grand event.



Dr. Der-Yang Cho

Superintendent of the China Medical University Hospital

Dr. Hsien-Te Chen

Director of the Spine Center of the China Medical University Hospital

Dr. Cheng-Di Chiu

Deputy Director of the Spine Center of the China Medical University Hospital



  中國醫藥大學附設醫院在蔡長海董事長領導下,自創辦以來篳路藍縷,一路秉持著「以病人為尊」的核心價值,迄今已達 42 年。而新一階段我們的目標與挑戰則以尖端生物醫療技術,打造結合精準、數位醫療體系的醫學中心為使命,迄今全台已有台北、新竹、苗栗、台中、雲林、台南等多家體系醫院,以及多家支援合作機構與院所,持續提供民眾高品質的醫療服務。

  自 2020 年起,一場全球性的疫情肆虐至今,拉開人們的距離,打亂了我們的生活腳步。然而在這後疫情時代,學術的交流卻不能因此而停歇。本次舉辦會議旨在這個紀念本院創立的日子,揚起脊椎醫學的學術波瀾,進行一系列的高峰講座與研討。

  本院脊椎中心師法美國梅約醫院,結合了跨科別的脊柱專長,特別是神經外科和骨科等,精心打造成全方位的脊椎醫療中心,每年服務超過 3000 位以上的國內外脊椎病患,提供全人、精準的脊椎治療服務。自 2021 年本院也獲准施行自體骨髓間質幹細胞治療,成為脊髓損傷的領先院所,除此之外,我們也持續致力於尖端研究:包括自動化導航脊椎手術、人工智慧輔助醫療系統、外泌體治療等,希冀能結合發展多面向的先進治療技術,並且精益求精。

  由衷感謝各位能在疫情期間始終堅守在自己的崗位上,雖然疫情尚未停歇,但無論是以實體或是線上的方式交流,我們誠摯邀請您參加本院脊椎中心所舉辦的「中國醫藥大學附設醫院四十二週年院慶 國際神經脊椎高峰會」,活動期間我們將邀請多位國內外頂尖學者專家進行專題演講,分享涵蓋脊椎創傷、脊髓損傷與脊椎腫瘤的臨床經驗與研究成果,期待您的踴躍投稿,並歡迎共襄盛舉。


敬祝 醫 安

 院長 周德陽

 主任 陳賢德

 副主任 邱正廸

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